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The Trouble With Blogs 1 June 2010

Posted by greti79 in Development, Reflection.

My particular trouble with blogs is that I have too many of them and my list keeps growing.  Blogs have become a web publisher’s quick fix to getting content up in a decent format with very little work.  The act of downloading a widget or plug-in makes the task of building a contact form easy and adding a page is just a couple clicks away.  What the current blog tools don’t provide is a means by which you can organize your content prior to just loading it onto the site.  It also doesn’t address user interaction, but rather depends on widgets and plug-ins as the solution.  If a plug-in had been downloaded 2,567 times — it must be a good one and chances are that you will also download it.  But is it really the best plug-in out there or the one that has been made available for the longest time? 

At this point in time I have about seven blogs (I’m afraid to actually count) that I have either created myself or that I have administrator access too.  And it’s over whelming.  A few of these blogs have been created as a means to showcase my work on a specific project.  Others are blogs that should be updated and maintain on a regular bases and now I have one that I’m developing as a profile/portfolio for myself.  Initial I wanted to create my own CSS and blog template, which I will still plan to do over the summer, because I didn’t like the templates that I found.  However, the time it takes to create the files is just not available to me right now.  So instead, I found a template that I can use as a mock-up for what I want my site template to look like.  The header imagine has been changed, my colors have been selected and now I’m back to trying to figure out what content I want to post and what the user wants to see when they locate my site.

So I guess the real trouble with blogs is that they are easy to create and yet increasingly difficult to create with a well defined purpose.



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