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Week 10 : SEO & Wrap-Up 2 June 2010

Posted by Kathy E. Gill (@kegill) in Course Notes.


  • Geek Speak
  • SEO
  • Code Lesson
  • Project Time
  • Final Deliverables

Geek Speak

Read & Discuss

Your Posts – General





Code Lesson

  • WordPress … how to “drop” the /blog or /wordpress directory and make your site work from root
  • Rolling your own : custom code in a blog post (Posterous + WiredPen example)
  • Email addresses – use your domain names, ex kathy-at-motogrrl-dot-com
  • Buildor pre-beta)

Project Time

  • Brief updates : where are you, what’s left to do? (group/individual reports)
  • How can I help?

Final Deliverables

Points Sheet Being Updated
I’m changing “x’s” to actual post date

Assignment 3

This, the final assignment, substitutes for a final exam. In this essay, you should reflect upon what you have learned in the course; give examples (evidence!); illustrate how your thinking changed or detail other “ah-ha” moments. How will you apply this learning? 600-800 words.

Due, via Collect-It, 9 am Wednesday, 9 June (Week 11 – Finals Week)
Graded on quality of insight and analysis, grammar, spelling, general professionalism; late assignments not accepted.

Term Project

Prototype website + document outlining audience, assumptions, tools, content recommendations, social media integration. Details. Due 6 pm Wednesday, 9 June

Student WordPress Site

Each student will install WordPress on the UW student web server. Students will select a theme, install it and modify its CSS. Students will select and install widgets. The final site will be graded based on aesthetics, usability, social network integration and creativity. The site does not have to contain content. Due 6 pm Wednesday, 9 June



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