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Googleland 4 June 2010

Posted by marcpease in Reflection, Trends.

There’s now Google, Kansas formally Topeka, Google Island, Florida from City Island and some comic first-born names as well. All these U.S locations and new digital natives wanting the supersonic fiber network called broadband. According to Russell Nichols of govetech.com ” A group on Facebook called Bring Google’s Fiber Experiement to Topeka! quicky became 11,000 members strong. To never wait for a download with uncompromising, unparalleled access to the Internet so powerful it “makes daily life more efficient”.If Baltimore, Maryland is like Topeka, I mean Google, it may have to immediately change its name to be in the running for a chance to become a participant in Google’s own Fiber for Communities pilot project. This last Wednesday, some movers and shaker Baltimore boosters wondered about the reality that Google would bypass them in their fiber desires. This reality has been around a long time but only now is becoming understood as a beneficial future for inner and outer cities, library, educational, non-profit consortia, and rural population bases all across America. Simple, cities investing in building their own fiber network in lieu of a name change. But,what about that Federal Stimulus Broadband Initiative bringing a national broadband economic boost to vastly improve Internet access for millions? A consumer research director at the Federal Communications Commission, said that ” technological availability of basic broadband service is not the main problem because 95 percent of Americans have the technical means to receive and have access to broadband already. The reason given as to why these people do not choose to connect is the cost, digital literacy and computer skills. ”  Can the U.S. government come up with another name that all cities, rural communities, everyone has access everywhere, anytime. Oh ya, there is a name, it’s an information public utility.



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