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When You Die, What Happens to Your Online Life? 9 June 2010

Posted by Madeline Moy in Reflection.
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After the birth of my son, I had to think about a whole bunch of things that I had never really considered before. One of those things was putting together a will and making plans in the case of my (or my husband’s) untimely death.

I recently started to wonder what will happen to my social network accounts when I pass away.  I currently have accounts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress and yes, I still even have one for MySpace. I’m sure there are even more that I don’t even remember. I also have multiple e-mail accounts, an online banking account and numerous other online accounts.

If I died tomorrow, what would happen to all of that stuff?

Last year, Time magazine published two articles related to this subject, “What Happens to Your Facebook After You Die?”  and “How to Manage Your Online Life When You’re Dead.”

Facebook’s policy is to “memoralize” accounts for decased users. The company does important things like removing people who have passed away from pubic search and sealing the account from any log-in attempts. What I like most though is that Facebook leaves the dead person’s wall open so that friends and family can post messages and connect via Facebook.

The second Time article mentions three companies that can help you pass on your digital assets: Legacy Locker, Asset Lock and Deathswitch.

I think everyone should look into these services, especially if you have any e-commerce sites or make money from a blog.

The other question to consider is: Do you really want everything you put online to live on after you’re gone?



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