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WordPress Themes

This is a list of themes used by students in their final group and individual projects. The theme name should link to the theme site and the descriptions should follow this syntax:

Student Name – Theme – Description/rationale

2010 Themes

  1. Danielle
  2. Elise – After having some difficulty with a creative theme called Color Paper, I switched to Simplex. I like its clean design and the fact that it’s fairly easy to adapt. I still want to try to play with the color options, but at the moment am satisfied with the black, gray and white default.
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Helen
  5. Holly – Since I am creating a Museum Copyright blog to coincide with the theme I had chosen for my U.S. Digital Media Law and Policy class, I wanted to choose something simplistic but not boring.  I went with Coralis.  I really like the bright color and simple layout. It’s perfect for what I had in mind for blog about Museum copyright.  I ended up changing the heading font from 38 to 46 pixels.  I changed the font family from sans serif font Helvetica to serif font Georgia.  Firebug was downloaded to identify CSS within my page/template.
  6. Janna – Ipesity – I intend for my site to be a personal branding site. Since I do not plan on being a designer, I know that I will have less work to showcase and would like to focus more on who I am and what I want to do. This theme caters to those goals.
  7. Jody
  8. Leslie
  9. Madeline
  10. Marc
  11. Nazgul
  12. Nicole – Bueno by Woothemes – I am using this site as a personal branding/portfolio/one-stop shop to show employers and contacts when networking.  It will house all of my credentials, list professional and academic experiences and sum up my skill-set.  I liked the color combo of this theme as well as the simple navigation and structure  (allowing me to have a basic headline and then several pages).
  13. Pam
  14. Sarah
  15. Scott – I Like Content by Human 3rror – I picked this theme to customized from because I felt it placed a larger emphasis on the content itself rather than the background image or the sidebar(s). I also liked the challenge of trying to clean up the code a little bit, which I feel helped me learn the in and outs of CSS modification more because I really had to search for stuff. The other main contributing factor to choosing this theme was that it had a static or “fixed” background, meaning that it never scrolled, only the body text box scrolled. I really like this design element at first because I felt like it encouraged the eye to look at the body instead of the background image. After deciding on the background image I did, the fixed background simply didn’t feel right, so now it is no longer “fixed” as it scrolls with the body text box.
  16. Stephen – ProBlog from themeforest. I chose it because it had a clean design and was easy-to-use. I wanted a theme with bright color-scheme, because I figured it fit the subject matter. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, just easy to navigate and use. It is also is fairly flexible and allows a user filter posts to certain pages without any coding. There are some tweaks that I would like to make, but that can be done later.
  17. Toni


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