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WordPress Workshop

Sunday 18 April – CMU 302 – 9 am – 4 pm

LAMP : Linux [Danielle], Apache [Janna], MySQL [Kathy], PHP : [Helen]
CSS : [Leslie]


9:00 : Getting Started

Begin customizing WordPress installation [Appendix A, p 227]

10.30 : Break

10.45 : Moving on to Appearance

Install (long-division!)

Find a theme from WordPress and install (short-division!)


1.00 : Essential HTML

Code basics

Explore the style sheet; CSS basics

Make a change on the style sheet (using WP editor or with text editor + FTP)

2.30 : Break

2.45 : Essential PlugIns

What is MySQL (Kathy) and PHP (Helen)?

What is a plugin (and a widget) and how do I install one? [Ch 9, p 145]


Sharing (pick one!)

Twitter (pick one!)

Other PlugIns to consider:

3.15 : Using WordPress As A CMS


3.45 : Using WordPress As Your Web Persona

Thinking about registered visitors

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