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Tethering on the iPhone: Not What it’s Cracked up to be 5 June 2010

Posted by noellawood11 in Development, Tools & Tech, Trends.
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So I realize this is yet another blog post on Apple products, but as an iPhone, iPod, and MacBookPro user (I joined the dark side almost a year ago, switching from PC to Mac), I now find myself getting excited each time Apple comes out with something new. Never before in all of my computing lifetime, have I used technical tools that have software updates that provide amazing new features. So when I found out that AT&T is going to enable iPhone tethering, I was beyond thrilled.  But of course, like all conveniences Apple creates, tethering is going to come at a price – and a big one.  iPhone users will have to choose between tethering and an unlimited plan. You can’t have both. (more…)

Is Your Company Broke? You Better Optimize. 1 June 2010

Posted by daniellegatsos in Design, Development.
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In the wake of our economic crash many companies have found themselves with limited advertising budgets forcing them to find other means to get their information in front of the head honchos without paying thousands to get it there.


Social Media Mining 1 June 2010

Posted by marcpease in Applications, Competitive Analysis, Design, Development, Examples, Privacy, Reflection, Trends.
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Just when you thought maximum data mining for personal information was so over, look out! More modeling functions are on their way in a new classification model from IBM – the SPSS Modeler 14 Premium Edition. This software will track customer sentiment and influencers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media in order to assist those businesses like telephone, insurance, consumer electronics, and others which want to find out more about what your personal habits, behaviors, product interests surround so that marketing programs can be developed to yes, sway your decision making. (more…)

The Trouble With Blogs 1 June 2010

Posted by greti79 in Development, Reflection.
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My particular trouble with blogs is that I have too many of them and my list keeps growing.  Blogs have become a web publisher’s quick fix to getting content up in a decent format with very little work.  The act of downloading a widget or plug-in makes the task of building a contact form easy and adding a page is just a couple clicks away.  What the current blog tools don’t provide (more…)

Really? Is Leaving Facebook The Answer? 26 May 2010

Posted by Scott Loughran in Development, Privacy, Reflection, Trends.
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Today Mashable revealed results from a survey they took of their readers on the reasons why they would be leaving Facebook. Really? Out of the 5,186 votes, there was less than a one percent difference between the top two responses, “I like Facebook. I’m staying,” and “I don’t trust it with my personal information.”

Really? I mean are people really leaving Facebook because they don’t trust it, or is it more that they don’t understand exactly how to change their settings so their info isn’t so integrated? Is it because they feel Facebook is using their information as currency or because they feel Facebook didn’t do right by them with this new string of web integration?

Obviously in an era where identity theft is popular crime and fear, personal information naturally feels like it needs to be held under a bigger lock and key. However, for the past five years privacy advocates and the majority of Facebook users where perfectly happy with the social network (more…)

Online Advertising Made Almost Too Easy 25 May 2010

Posted by gjchatalas in Development, Tools & Tech, Trends.

The continual conundrum of the online world is how to make money. Innovative and brilliant websites struggle mightily to establish fiscal success. Increasingly advertising is the angle companies are embracing to generate revenue, whether YouTube or the hyperlocal blog.

Of course, actually getting the advertising is the difficult part of this equation.


Website Planning: Tricks Of The Trade 25 May 2010

Posted by elisemchisholm in Development.
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I was traveling last week so, unfortunately, I missed the class discussion about website maps, wireframes, and storyboards. While catching up on these topics, I came across an interesting article on Smashing Magazine by Kristin Wemmer of Paste Interactive.

Wemmer provides some valuable advice for website planning. She likens building a good website to telling a good story – both require a cohesive outline and a clear plot.


Semantic Web – Discussion Leader 19 May 2010

Posted by ssglazer in Development, GeekSpeak.
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The Semantic Web encompasses most of the actions and interactions that we do online and don’t even know it.


Amazon Web Services 19 May 2010

Posted by noellawood11 in Applications, Development, GeekSpeak, Resources, Tools & Tech.
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Here’s my presentation for tonight:

What the future of Web? 19 May 2010

Posted by ssglazer in Design, Development, Reflection.
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There is constant question and debate over the future of the web, and what the trends will arrive with the upcoming Web 3.0.  The best question in my head is exactly when the web 3.0 will actually arrive.  Web 2.0 took some time to finally be used in everyday context, and for everyone to agree with what that would actually entail.

So what is the future of the Web?  Where is it going?  There are a few projections that are buzzing around and some that are already in the works.